I can feel the impending doom

of vulnerability. We so fragile, hearts soft

like snow, blackened, tainted snow.

I can never imagine the daggers that will be

thrown in my way. We, convince each other to

be humane, just to throw it all away. Lies.

I can envision the deceivers, perceived from my

eyes, friends will fire. We, apt words from our

ever dirty mouths, put to rest, never blessed. Curse me.

I can never open up, heart of stone, awaiting

to be broken into pieces. We desire so faithfully

to be exposed, just to seal hearts up. Damn you too.

You have nothing, no more,

distraught, people put their trust in a hopeless

cause, destined for destruction. The waters are 

wilting, like the lilies of the dry valley.

How do you save yourself?

How do I save myself?

How do we save ourselves?

God forgive us all. God save us all. God can save us all.

We, humans, despise our maker.

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